We offer you a selection of registered associations, groups and private hedgehog rescue centres in Germany which are involved in hedgehog rescue. Private information are only mapped on the basis of the current data protection regulations (EU-DSGVO) after legally binding, written consent from those responsible. Click on the symbol and a box on the map will open, showing postcode, surname and telephone numbers.

Please note that all those we list are almost exclusively volunteer animal welfare activists who look after hedgehogs in need of help in their spare time. In principle there is no entitlement to have hedgehogs in need of help admitted to care facilities.

If necessary, contact a veterinarian who knows about hedgehogs if the animal is injured or sick. In addition, please use our information leaflets to find out for yourself how to properly house, feed and care for a hedgehog.

We recommend that hedgehog finders seeking advice also research or enquire with large animal, nature and environmental associations, such as the German Animal Welfare Association, the Federation against the Abuse of Animals, NABU, BUND etc. Some of these also have hedgehog rescue centres, but we only register them if they are reported to us as permanent hedgehog rescue centres or stations.

Those listed here are not acting on behalf of Pro Igel e.V. They are responsible for their own work. It is impossible for us to control the quality of hedgehog rescue on site. However, should misconduct against the animal or nature conservation laws be observed, or should the keeping and/or care of the animals appear questionable, we would ask you to inform us in writing, preferably by email to . We will then endeavour to provide professional advice to the institution in order to remedy the situation or, if necessary, to take further steps.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep this map up to date all the time. There may be sudden changes which we cannot always immediately keep up with, for example when a hedgehog rescue centre has reached its capacity limits, closes or for other reasons no longer wishes to be listed temporarily or permanently. In general, this map is updated once a quarter.

Those registered here may please send notification of changes of any kind by e-mail to , giving full names and contact details. Information from third parties is possible, but we must then clarify such notifications with those responsible.

You are also welcome to inform us of new hedgehog rescue and animal welfare associations with hedgehog rescue centres. Please save our (German) form on your computer, fill it in, print it out after saving it again and send it to us – thank you in advance for your cooperation with the hedgehog rescue service!