This is a selection of websites belonging regional hedgehog-protection societies as well as contact details for private carers that are not publicly available. We got permission to name them. The links on the map are sorted by postal code of the website operator or owner. Simply click on the symbol to see the postal code, name and website address or call numbers.

You are welcome to share the addresses of other hedgehog carers with us. Please note that almost all of them are volunteers that take care of hedgehogs in their spare time. There is no guarantee that they will be able to help you with a hedgehog in need. The carers listed here are not under contract with Pro Igel e.V. and responsible themselves for the state of their facilities. We ask that you inform us if you witness any breaches of animal-protection or environmental law or are unsure that animals are being properly cared for.

We also recommend that you research and contact larger environmental and conservationist societies, such as Deutscher Tierschutzbund, Bund gegen den Missbrauch der Tiere, NABU or BUND. Some of them also have facilities that rescue hedgehogs. We cannot list them separately here, as we cannot always maintain and keep these data up to date.

Pro Igel e.V. is not responsible for the individual contents of third-party websites or their future development. We check the website content for factual correctness to the extent possible when we link to it in this map. When in doubt, visitors to the sites should follow our most current instructions or ask us.