We refer here to a selection of homepages of regional hedgehog protection associations and contact details of non-public, private hedgehog care centers. Data are mapped based on the postcode of the operator or rights holder based on their legally binding, written consent. Click on the symbol, the zip code, name and web address or telephone number are given.

It is not feasible to keep this map up to date at all times. Be it due to exhausted space, be it due to abandonment, dissolution, failure or illness of an operator, changes can suddenly occur that we cannot always find out or track immediately! In general, this map is updated once every quarter. We request that you report changes of any kind to netzwerk-igelhilfe@pro-igel.de. You can also send us the addresses of other or new foster care centers or hedgehog protection associations to this e-mail.

Please note that these are almost exclusively voluntary animal rights activists who take care of needy hedgehogs in their free time. There is therefore no entitlement to admission of the animals. The operators of the care centers listed here do not act on behalf of Pro Igel e.V. and are responsible for the condition of the care facility themselves. Please notify us if violations of the animal or nature conservation law are observed or if the keeping of the animals appears questionable.

We also recommend that you also join large animal, nature and environmental associations, such as to research or inquire about the German Animal Welfare Association, the Association against the Abuse of Animals, the NABU, the BUND, etc., which also have some facilities with hedgehog rescue stations, which we do not list here because it is not possible for us to to keep such information up to date and to maintain it.

Pro Igel e.V. is not responsible for the content of external websites in detail and their future development! As far as possible, we check the content of the website for factual correctness before including a link on this map. In case of doubt, visitors to the homepages should follow our current information or ask.