Call for the collection of data on the body measurements of hedgehogs

Knowledge of hedgehog body measurements is relevant to research. Relatively few figures are available for the European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus), which is native to our region. Therefore we ask for your help! In Europe in particular, thousands of hedgehogs come into human hands every year because they are either sick or injured or in some way in need of help. Not only animal lovers, but also hedgehog carers, centres and clubs, animal and nature conservation organisations, veterinarians and the pathologists in the state veterinary examination offices deal with hedgehogs in one way or another.
Although most individuals are weighed, hardly anyone is interested in promoting scientific knowledge for hedgehog research through data collection and analysis. For example, accurate average body weight data can provide clues for proper feeding. Similarly, other data collections that can aid research include information on body length, ear length, tail length, hind foot length, and condylobasal length. Ear length, for example, indicates species membership, as does body length when related to body weight.

Send us data, but please measure adult hedgehogs only! Do not plague animals in need of help who want to curl up, but measure either dead hedgehogs or those which have to be anaesthetised anyway because of an examination or operation at the vet and can then be measured!
Please use our form and send the measurement data to the postal address provided. Thank you very much for your support!