Pro Igel, the Association for Integrated Nature Conservation in Germany is a nationwide association active throughout Germany which advocates conservation of the native hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus Linné 1758) by public relations and numerous publications.

Aims an Objectives
We aim to

  • inform the public about problems faced by hedgehogs and promote conservation measures
  • support research projects into the behaviour, biology and habitat of the hedgehog
  • collect and communicate relevant information to encourage a professional level of care for sick and injured hedgehogs
  • to contribute to the exchange of practical knowledge and co-operation between hedgehog conservationists or to endorse them

We support

  • anyone who has found a hedgehog by giving advice over the phone, by correspondence and also in sending them our publications on hedgehog help
  • hedgehog lovers, editors, university staff and students and anyone interested in hedgehogs with advice and with our info-material on any questions and/or projects on anything concerning hedgehogs

We publish

  • with the help of specialists, consistent and regularly updated information on the conservation and care of hedgehogs for rehabilitators, veterinary surgeons and anyone who is interested in hedgehogs
  • our magazine “Igel-Bulletin” twice a year, 8000 copies of which are read in fifteen european countries
  • the first educational software on hedgehogs for schools from year 2, for environmental studies institutes and for everyone who cares about hedgehogs
  • with the Swiss Association “pro Igel” a video film “Igel-Leben”- (the Life of the Hedgehog)
  • in co-operation with the Arbeitskreis Igelschutz Berlin e.V. (The Working Group for Hedgehog Conservation in Berlin) the CD entitled „Parasitoses and Mycoses of the Hedgehog“ as an aid to diagnosis and treatment
  • … scientific theses and endorsed research projects and dissertations on the subject of hedgehogs
  • Press releases for and contributions to all types of media

We created

  • the “Hedgehog Hotline” where anyone at any time can hear seasonally updated information on hedgehogs, which could also be received as a fax.
  • a code of practice for hedgehog rescue centres to raise the standards of hedgehog care
  • the “Hedgehog Help Network” run by dedicated carers to provide advice for hedgehog finders
  • the “Hedgehog House” in Laatzen near Hannover in co-operation with IGSI. There we created the “Hedgehog Information Centre”, the first and ten year persistent exhibition in Germany with almost 100 square metres of information all about our native hedgehog

We organised

  • the first conference in Stuttgart in 1993 “All about the Hedgehog”
  • the second conference in Muenster/Westfalen in 2001 “All about the Hedgehog”
  • … the international Symposium of the European Hedgehog Research Group (EHRG) in Muenster/Westfalen in 2004
  • the third conference in Muenster/Westfalen in 2009 “All about the Hedgehog”
  • the fourth conference in Muenster/Westfalen in 2018 “All about the Hedgehog”

We offer

  • an extensive collection of specialist literature which is available to anyone who is interested
  • to work with publishers reviewing manuscripts and giving specialist advice
  • schools and colleges help with projects and seminars

We seek contact

  • …with authorities, environmental agencies, gardening clubs, landscape gardeners and companies to promote the maintenance and improvement of hedgehog habitats
  • … with the Deutscher Tierschutzbund (German Animal Protection Federation), the BUND (Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland = The German Association for Environment and Nature Conservation), the NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland = German Association for Nature Conservation) and other animal and nature concervation organisations to further hedgehog conservation and rescue