Call for participation in the Hedgehog Aid Network

The Pro Igel e.V. association is keen to list foster homes and hedgehog rescue stations as comprehensively as possible, in order to give advice to hedgehog owners. We would like to update and expand this network, which we maintain as an internal database in strict compliance with the current EU Data Protection Regulation. The sole aim of our list is to promote hedgehog rescue through our knowledge of knowledgeable contacts.

Therefore, we sincerely ask for your assistance or participation! By answering the questionnaire, we also hope to gain an insight into your activities and expertise. As we are unable to visit the care stations and assess your work, we need this self-disclosure.

You alone also decide whether we may publish the data – name, postal code and telephone as well as e-mail address, if applicable – on our map of rescue centers to make it easier for people seeking advice to do their research. To do this, please save our form on your computer, fill it in, print it out after saving it again and send it to us signed by post – thank you in advance for your cooperation with Hedgehog Aid!

Note: The research relates only to Germany

Criteria for the classification of hedgehog rescue facilities:

  • S = Hedgehog sanctuary: larger, private and public facilities where hedgehogs are cared for on an inpatient and outpatient basis, depending on space-time capacity.
  • B = Advice and care centre: private facilities which advise and instruct hedgehog finders, primarily care for hedgehogs in need of help on an outpatient basis, but also take in and care for hedgehogs
  • P = smaller foster home: private foster homes which take in and care for only a few hedgehogs
  • IB = only hedgehog advice given in writing or by telephone by hedgehog-experienced private individuals and Pro-Igel-members who no longer take in fosterlings