Again and again, and for some time now increasingly, there have been reports of severe cut injuries to hedgehogs, often resulting in death. In many cases, motor-driven machines are the presumed cause, in particular gardening equipment, including disc scythes, robotic mowers etc. In order to be able to make scientifically clear statements, which could also lead to requirements for the operation of such machines, statistical data collection is required.

As part of a dissertation project at the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Stephanie Brand, a practicing veterinarian in the field of small animal medicine, is investigating cut injuries in hedgehogs. Pro Igel supports this important study! We have slightly adapted Ms Brand’s German questionnaire and ask you to support this research. Please download the questionnaire, save it with your personal details and then fill it in on your computer or print version out as requested similar to a tally sheet.

Thank you for your cooperation!